A corner of Alsace between fields and forests ... between fauna and flora!


An innovative eco-tourism concept in Alsace!

Within the framework of the development of the tourist attractiveness of the territory, the exploitation of

Vélo-Rails on the Cernay-Sentheim railway line departing from Aspach station on

Haut, will allow you to discover the territory in a different way, by offering an attraction

unprecedented in the sector, with low environmental impact and enhancing the heritage and

pre-existing railway line.


A rail bike?



It is a light cyclo-draisine, propelled by the muscular energy of pedallers.

It has 2 driving positions each equipped with a brake. 

You need at least 2 people to propel a vélorail. 

Passengers seated in the back will take advantage of this moment of relaxation to admire the landscape far from the hustle and bustle of the cities.



15 Station Road

Station district

68700 Aspach-Michelbach


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