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A corner of Alsace between fields and forests ... between fauna and flora!

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An innovative eco-tourism concept in Alsace!

Coming to the Vélorail also means becoming an actor in a more responsible and ecological mode of tourism.

The vélorail is one of the only means of transport that does not emit any CO2 emissions and therefore has no environmental impact.

Who knows, the velorail with its assets, may one day replace the current car? 😉

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A rail bike?



It is a light cyclo-draisine, propelled by the muscular energy of pedallers.

It has 2 driving positions each equipped with a brake. 

You need at least 2 people to propel a vélorail. 

Passengers seated in the back will take advantage of this moment of relaxation to admire the landscape far from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

La réservation de vos billets est requise en raison du nombre limité de vélorails disponibles.

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15 Rue de la gare

Quartier Gare

68700 Aspach-Michelbach

Phone: +337.

Thank you for what you sent !

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If we summarize...



Vélorail Sud Alsace offers you the opportunity to pedal in the heart of the Alsatian countryside on a railway line over 150 years old.

In order to preserve this railway heritagent Aspach station, we decided to give it a second life!

We now use it every day* on board vélorails.

The course of 9.6km represents approximately 1h30 ridto the rhythm of birdsongx.

During the rails, we will pass between fields and forests, enough to take a breath of fresh air!

The course has no difficulty for non-seasoned athletes.

*see our hours and opening days in the Schedule tabsand prices.

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