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Pedal and find out!
As a family, as a couple, with friends ...

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Departing from the Aspach station district, the 9 km course is a link between two beautiful valleys: La Thur et de la Doller.

It stretches from the gravel pits near Cernay St André to the bridges overlooking the Doller at Burnhaupt le haut .


It is located on part of the Thur-Doller Alsace Train line .

It does not involve any difficulty even for inexperienced athletes!

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The Traditional Railbike

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The Evening Railbike


The Picnic Rail Bike


The Hiker's Vélorail


Come as a group!

Are you looking for:

- a school, educational and fun end-of-year outing?

- A family party outing?

- A company outing ?

Come as a group? And you are right ! It's so much more fun together!

At the Vélorail we can accommodate up to 80 people!

Contact us and prepare your outing, call us at

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